Practice makes Perfect

At Lowcode4all we believe that practice makes perfect.

Therefore, In our training programs, we do not only focus on exchanging knowledge, but we provide challenges to turn that knowledge into skills.
All participants will put their newly obtained knowledge into practical use.

Who are we?

Lowcode4all is being set up by internationally experienced software developers and entrepreneurs.

We have experience in building and supporting the primary business applications for customers varying from single-location stores to enterprises such as banks, hospitals, supermarkets and factories, sometimes with hundreds of locations.

Throughout our careers, we have focused on providing affordable solutions that are flexible enough to be quickly adapted to changing operational requirements.

Who can participate?

Our enticing program will be available for:

  • Universities that want to introduce their students to no-code / low-code application development.
  • Students worldwide who wish to develop a data processing solution for a practical problem.
  • Ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to be successful in the market by offering affordable and flexible data processing solutions.

What are our ambitions?

At Lowcode4all we have 2 ambitions:

  1. to support ambitious developers to be successful in the fascinating world of application development.
  2. to support young entrepreneurs to become successful in providing affordable and flexible software solutions to their communities.

What do we do at this moment?

At this moment we are preparing the training programs, developing the courses, as well as setting up hands-on training facilities. All of this focused to make participants of the Lowcode4all programs winners in the industry of application development.

When will we start?

Starting in 2024, our ambitious program will become available in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 – VINYL low-code development for individual students
  • Phase 2 – VINYL low-code development for universities
  • Phase 3 – Entrepreneurial skills for ambitious professionals who have successfully completed Phase 1 or Phase 2