• Create your own application!
    Do you have an idea for an APP? Then this is the place to learn how to build it yourself. In 2024 we start with the course for Citizen Developers. In 8 animated lectures, you will build your own application. Whether you want an APP at the end of the hands-on training, you can provide … Read more
  • Comments welcome
    In 2024 the training of the Lowcode4all Academy starts and we will introduce our unique Lowcode Course on YouTube. Your comments and suggestions are WELCOME! Contrary to our 20-second ads on Facebook and TikTok, YouTube advertisements can be longer. That resulted in a completely different approach and design. This is an example of one of the advertisements … Read more
  • Shorts, Reels & TikToks
    On average, our animated video lectures are 15 to 20 minutes long. Lots of information to not only teach developers how to technically use a low-code application environment but also to let them fully benefit from being able to provide ready-to-change applications to their community. And yet, you also find Lowcode4all videos on Google Shorts, … Read more
  • Understanding the Benefits
    Marot Matosov, vice-president of the reputable IT Service provider Damco Solutions (over 1500 employees), wrote a very worthwhile article about Low-Code and No-Code Platforms: Understanding The Benefits. In several short and very accessible paragraphs, Marot Matosov: Although every sentence of his article is worthwhile mentioning here, I will limit myself to quoting this section about … Read more
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    Become a Low-Code Application Developer Low-code Developer’s course In January 2024, we will start with our first developers course. Below you already find a preview of the first animated lecture. During this 8-lecture course, you go through all aspects of low-code application design and you will build your own low-code application. Topics that will be … Read more
  • Ready-to-Go applications
    Lowcode4all is all about empowering local software developers so that they can help organisations in their communities provide the best service to customers and be(come) the most competitive in their market. We do that by providing training in low-code application platforms (LCAP). With low-code development, you can develop applications faster than ever. What used to … Read more
  • Can low-code create phone apps?
    (This article is under development) With the growing importance of remote work, our ubiquitous smartphones have become an essential tool to stay in touch with colleagues and customers. The same is happening for our business applications. A good business application helps you to stay on top of what is happening in your organisation and enables … Read more
  • Lowcode4all – vision
    The no-code/low-code revolution will empower local companies and local developers to benefit from advanced IT solutions. Gone are the days when companies and organisations could become competitive by buying an off-the-shelf solution from large organisations. To be competitive now, to meet the demands of current customers and citizens, you need to accommodate and, preferably, even … Read more
  • Do you service APPX applications?
    If you service APPX applications, then I have to start by congratulating you on your good choice for an application development environment. APPX was a productive low-code environment avant la lettre. Then called a 4th Generation language (4GL), APPX already provided the benefits of For more than 20 years, you have benefited from one of … Read more
  • Replacing legacy systems fast (with VINYL)
    As every IT manager knows, legacy systems have both benefits and drawbacks. Benefits The large benefit of legacy systems is that, in general, they work. They have stood the test of time and that helps your organisation to run smoothly. Nothing beats that. Drawbacks. The drawbacks are also known and can be split into three … Read more