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On average, our animated video lectures are 15 to 20 minutes long. Lots of information to not only teach developers how to technically use a low-code application environment but also to let them fully benefit from being able to provide ready-to-change applications to their community.

And yet, you also find Lowcode4all videos on Google Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok. What are we doing there? With videos of 20 to 30 seconds?

Grow the Lowcode4all family

The objective of Lowcode4all is to let local communities benefit from the enormous power of low-code development platforms (LCAP). The way we do that is by assisting local developers to learn the ropes of low-code development and to help them set up successful businesses. Businesses that support local companies and organisations with their APPs, their applications, their data processing requirements. Assisting them to increase their competitive advantage.

We do that by providing affordable courses that not only deal with the technical aspects of coding in a low-code environment, but also with the all-encompassing importance of communication with customers and end-users and by helping developers set up a sustainable business model.

Where are the ambitious developers?

In our experience, ambitious developers do not have a lot of free time. They are working on giving the best applications to their customers and end-users.

When they relax, they just do that in between tasks. Every day they move from one task to the another and in between, when they look for distraction, they want something that does not cost too much time. Shorts, Reels and TikToks meet that requirement.

We want to help those developers by becoming 10 to 20 times more productive than they can be with traditional programming languages. To give those developers that message, we have to get them during those short moments when they are not focused on providing solutions for their customers.

And that is where our 20 to 30-second videos come in: short messages to make them aware of Lowcode4all and how we can help them provide amazing results for their customers.

Our Shorts, Reels and TikToks.

Have a look at which of our videos you might run into when you are on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok:

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