For universities, individual students and ambitious IT entrepreneurs.

During the last decade, a revolution has taken place in application development.

At Lowcode4all, students and young professionals learn how to benefit from this revolution by:

  • Building enterprise-strength applications in VINYL, an unmatched productive no-code/low-code environment.
  • Becoming familiar with the required skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

Academy will open in September 2024.

Until then, you can enjoy the intermittent updates on this website as preparation for a launch that will place enterprise-grade application development in the hands of young professionals and entrepreneurs.

The differences between
low-code and no-code

Contrary to traditional languages, where programmers type lines of code, both low-code and no-code development environments work with graphical user interfaces in which developers enter parameters to create applications.

This approach towards application development results in

  • higher productivity and in
  • a very consistent mode of operation for the end-user.

At the same time, the non-code approach limits the developer to the functionality that the environment allows.

That is the reason why professional application developers choose low-code environments. Low-code environments offer the consistency and productivity of a no-code environment while developers can easily incorporate customized code to increase the functionality of the resulting application.

In a good environment, developers do not have to choose between no-code and low-code. They use no-code for productivity and consistency while low-code options complement this with flexibility.

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Why VINYL should be your choice
for low-code application development.

Six reasons to choose VINYL:

  1. Unmatched productivity
    Create applications in days or weeks, not months and years. That is something that your users and customers will appreciate.
  2. Amazing flexibility
    The VINYL no-code interface provides all the functionality for virtually all applications, but if you want more, then the built-in interfaces enable you to meet every business need by adding customized code.
    Do you doubt between no-code and low-code development? With VINYL, the choice remains yours!
  3. Multi-platform
    Deploy your applications on any operating system, on any database and on any device: from PCs to tablets and mobile phones.
  4. Total solution
    In VINYL you find integrated security on data-level, user-level and process-level. VINYL offers version control, workflow management as well as documentation for end-users.
  5. Experienced leadership
    VINYL’s environment is based on decades of experience with designing 4-th generation programming languages (4GL), used by thousands of companies worldwide, to offer you a full life-cycle solution.
  6. Low cost of ownership
    All of the above results not only in affordable application development but also in considerably lower operating costs during the complete life-cycle.

Entrepreneurial skills
to help professionals

As providers of data processing solutions, software developers help organisations with the core of their business.

Whether you service other departments in your company, or as a software entrepreneur you service other companies and organisations, the same three steps are required for every software professional.

In the Entrepreneurial Skills programs of Lowcode4all, we will look at each of these steps:

  1. Attract customers
    How to attract customers, ensure that they trust that you can provide a good and reliable solution, and how to get to mutually beneficial agreements.
  2. Keep happy customers
    What procedures are advised to ensure that your end-users and customers remain happy, and how does VINYL help with that?
  3. Retain customers
    How to build long-term relationships with customers so that you build a stable revenue stream.

Organisations need stable solutions for their business systems.

Based on our decades of experience as software entrepreneurs, our focus is to help you to become a stable provider of software solutions.

During every step of our education program, we look at best practices and discuss situations that you may face with your end-users and customers.

Becoming proficient.

Helping ambitious application developers to become successful entrepreneurs.

In the first phase of our program, Lowcode4all teaches participants how to program in a no-code/low-code application platform (LCAP). In addition, participants will use the obtained skills for the design and development of actual applications.

In the second phase, we guide ambitious developers to become successful entrepreneurs by teaching them basic business skills such as attracting customers, signing agreements that take the interests of both parties into account and, most importantly for success, building long-term relationships with customers.


Lowcode4all is set up by software developers and entrepreneurs who have decades of experience in the industry.

Focused on

To be successful, we feel that skills have to be put to the test and that no experience prepares better than providing a solution for an actual customer.

of experience

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Continuous improvement is better for society and we support that approach in our community.

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