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Become a Low-Code Application Developer

Low-code Developer’s course

In January 2024, we will start with our first developers course. Below you already find a preview of the first animated lecture. During this 8-lecture course, you go through all aspects of low-code application design and you will build your own low-code application.

Topics that will be introduced include:

  • Interviewing end-users or customers
  • Analysis
  • Database design
  • Designing input screens, validations and look-ups
  • Making reports & queries
  • Month-end processes & other business rules
  • Making graphs & maps
  • Creating telephone apps

If this sounds a bit overwhelming, then do not worry. In Low-code application development, the most important thing is that you know your business. That you know the purpose of the application that you want to build, and that you know how you, your colleagues, or your customer, intend to use it.

After the 8 animated lectures, you will have built your own application and you will feel familiar with all aspects of low-code development. You will feel confident that you can provide your end-users or customers with applications in weeks or even in just days.

Start the video below to get a preview of the first lecture or scroll down for a unique introduction offer.

Video recommendations
1) Take your time. Our animated video lectures are full of information. We recommend that you take your time to watch the video. It can be worthwhile to pause or stop, so you can rewatch or think about a topic that has been introduced.
2) Press the ‘Watch on YouTube’ button if you want to watch the video on full screen.

Preview of one of the 8 lectures of the
low-code developer’s course (version 0.8)

Pre-registration OFFER.

The full low-code developer’s course, with 8 similar animated lectures, will be available in the first quarter of 2024.

Participants who register early,
can obtain the complete course for
JUST 35€.

That 35 Euro includes the experience of building a complete application by yourself.

You can follow the application and build your own application within one week, or you can take 2 months to do that. That is completely your own choice.


In addition, the first 300 participants receive our unique Lowcode4all mug.

The mug is made in Europe from European steel and hand- enamelated with our slogan:

HIGH Achievers

Course options

You can choose from 3 options to follow the Low-code Developer’s course. Each of the options gives you access to:

  • All animated video lectures
  • Low-code application platform (LCAP) to develop your application
  • Lowcode4all community with other students

1 – Do-it-yourself

This month, you can still become a low-code developer for just 35€. Our animated video lectures deal with all aspects of low-code application design. From interviewing the end-user, via full application development to deployment.
Ambitious developers and managers will be able to follow the lectures by themselves. And if you have questions, then you have access to the Lowcode4all community with other students.

2 – Class participation (195€)

With our Class option, you participate in a class with access to a teacher. She or he will ensure that any questions that you post in the community, will get a good response.
You can still complete the developer’s course within a week or spread it out over 2 months, but with class participation, you are sure your questions get noticed and answered.

3 – Private teacher (595€)

Get your private teacher for just 595€. Your teacher will be familiar with the application that you are building and guide your progress through all the steps of the course.
This is the option to choose when you want to study online while benefiting from direct personal guidance.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating and therefore, to graduate from the course, you will have to make an application for a customer or end-user. In the first lecture (see the video above) we tell you more about that.

We advise you to find a customer before you start our developer’s course and we do that for 2 reasons:

  1. Efficient use of time.
    It enables you to make their application already while following the course. But, of course, you can also build our training application first and then build the application for your customer or end-user.
  2. Cover your course expenses.
    If your developer’s course is not paid for by your employer, finding a customer before you start the course, can help you cover the expenses for the course.

Universities & other educational institutes.

Introducing low-code application developments to students is part of our mission. Starting in January 2024, our lectures are therefore not only available in video format, but also in PDF form with PowerPoint presentations.

We also provide you with a program with which you can monitor the progress of your students, get access to their applications, and grade them on the aspects that you find important.

Contact me, or use the pre-registration form to get more information on how we support educational institutions.

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Course options
Before the end of 2023, you will receive your Lowcode4all membership’s code and you will be asked which version of the course you want to attend.
For our planning, please indicate which version of the course you most likely plan to take.

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This reservation does not bind you to any other obligation. In November we will contact you to ask for confirmation of the Course options that you have indicated that you intend to follow.

Thank you for your registration.
We will enter a great adventure together,
at the end of which, you will be ready
to build your own low-code applications.
Not in months or years, but in days or weeks.

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