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The objective of Lowcode4all is to introduce the benefits of low-code application development to as many local communities as possible.
Therefore, we are very happy that you are here.

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Academy Introduction

Low-code application development is revolutionizing not only the way that developers work, but it also increases the influence that end-users have on applications that they have to work with. Often on a daily basis.

The speed with which low-code applications can be updated makes companies more competitive and enables organisations to be more effective in meeting the requirements of their customers and citizens. Gone will be the days when organisations depended on the functionality that software packages offer. Where they had to accept a one-size-fits-all approach.

With development times being reduced from months and years, to weeks and days, the future of software development will be in the hands of local software companies. Service-minded companies that provide local organisations with applications that can easily be modified to their specific requirements.

Lowcode4all is there to help you with this exciting change.

  • We help ambitious analysts and programmers to become professional low-code developers.
  • We help managers get the skills with which they themselves can develop the applications that their department needs.
  • We provide local software companies access to easy-to-change applications so that they can quickly address the needs of organisations in their community, and we provide them with a worldwide market for their certified low-code applications that have a proven track record in an industry.

Above all, we help ambitious people to become familiar and successful with low-code application development.

Courses & community

The main ways that we help people become successful with low-code development are:

  1. Development courses to teach the ins and outs of low-code application development.
  2. Lowcode4all family to exchange best practices among professionals
  3. Entrepreneurial courses to assist in creating prosperous local software development companies.

Lowcode4all’s Developers course

In January 2024, we will start with our first developers course. You can see the first animated lecture below. During this 8-lecture course, you go through all aspects of low-code application design and you build your own low-code application.

Topics that will be introduced include:

  • Interviewing end-users or customers
  • Analysis
  • Database design
  • Designing input screens, validations and look-ups
  • Making reports & queries
  • Month-end processes & other business rules
  • Making graphs & maps
  • Creating telephone apps

If this sounds a bit overwhelming, then do not worry. In Low-code application development, the most important thing is that you know your business. That you know the purpose of the application that you want to build, and that you know how you, your colleagues, or your customer, intend to use it.

After the 8 animated lectures, you will have built your own application and you will feel familiar with all aspects of low-code development. You will feel confident that you can provide your end-users or customers with applications in weeks or even in just days.

Start the video below to get a preview of the first lecture or scroll down for the unique introduction offer.

Video recommendations
1) Take your time. Our animated video lectures are full of information. We recommend that you take your time to watch the video. It can be worthwhile to pause or stop, so you can rewatch or think about a topic that has been introduced.
2) Press the ‘Watch on YouTube’ button if you want to watch the video on full screen.

Preview of one of the 8 lectures of the
low-code developer’s course (version 0.8)

Pre-registration OFFER.

The full low-code developer’s course, with 8 similar animated lectures, will be available in January 2024.

Participants who register early,
can obtain the complete course for
JUST 35€.

That 35 Euro includes the experience of building a complete application in low-code by yourself.

You can follow the complete course and build your own application within one week, or you can take 2 months to do that. That is completely your own choice.


In addition, the first 300 participants receive our unique Lowcode4all mug.

The mug is made in Europe from local steel and enamelled by hand with our slogan:

HIGH Achievers

Do you also want to become a low-code professional?
Then join the course at Lowcode4all
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Universities & other educational institutes.

Introducing low-code application development to students is part of our mission. Starting in January 2024, our lectures are therefore not only available in video format but also in PDF form with PowerPoint presentations.

Check the pre-registration form for more information on how we support educational institutions.