Understanding the Benefits

Marot Matosov, vice-president of the reputable IT Service provider Damco Solutions (over 1500 employees), wrote a very worthwhile article about Low-Code and No-Code Platforms: Understanding The Benefits.

In several short and very accessible paragraphs, Marot Matosov:

  • summarizes the Value Proposition of Low-Code No-Code Platforms,
  • discusses how large corporations can ensure Data Security,
  • explains that with Low-Code and No-Code Platforms, custom applications are Rapidly Delivered to suit each client’s unique needs.

Although every sentence of his article is worthwhile mentioning here, I will limit myself to quoting this section about how low-code developers become business specialists.

“Low-Code combines the expertise of business analysts and developers as the development cycles become more efficient, bringing developers closer to the business and enhancing efficiency when the same person builds and implements the requirements. Thus, a new developer profile is emerging, promising more efficient application delivery.”*

You can find the full article on the Damco Solutions website with the link* below.

With the sentence above, Marot Matosov describes the ideal professional resulting from Lowcode4all‘s training and support programs:

An application developer
who is familiar with
all aspects of application design,
and who is focused on
understanding and meeting
the needs of organisations.

We call such a person a:

* Click here to read the full article by Marot Matosov.
It just takes 4 minutes and is worthwhile for anybody who wants to know more about the benefits of No-code Low-code Platforms.

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