Create your own applications!

Do you have an idea for an APP? Then this is the place to learn how to build it yourself.

In 2024 we start with the course for Citizen Developers. In 8 animated lectures, you will build your own application.

Whether you want an APP

  • for your community on a smartphone,
  • for your work on a tablet, or
  • for your customers on a PC screen,

at the end of the hands-on training, you can provide them with your first application.


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How can you do this?

During the last decade, a new technology has come up to build enterprise-grade applications for PC-screens and phones. This technology is called Low-Code Application Development (LCAP).

With these Low-code environments, you don’t have to write programs line by line, but you can simply specify your requirements with easy-to-use checkboxes, drop-down lists and look-ups.

This approach has drastically increased productivity. Where it used to take months or even years to develop a reliable application, it can now be done in days or weeks.

Watch the introduction video below or continue reading below the video.


Until now, this technology was only affordable for large enterprises, but Lowcode4all now makes it reachable for everybody to create AND deploy their applications with an enterprise-grade low-code environment.

For 1480 Euro you will get a full-service approach to creating your own application. This price includes:

  • 8 animated lectures where you will learn everything from entering your information to presenting it on a screen.
  • A run-time environment so that your colleagues, your customers and your friends can immediately see & use your application.
  • PLUS: personal guidance from our teachers to help you all the way: from design to deployment.

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